Canine Rehabilitation

Meadow View Veterinary Clinic is fully equipped for canine rehabilitation.

We currently have one certified veterinary technician that has completed the certification process through the University of Tennessee in 2021: Anne has been with the clinic since 2016 and has recently expanded her studies to include canine rehabilitation.  

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How to schedule a Rehab Appointment? 

We will need a referral form filled out and sent back (either faxed or emailed) before we can schedule an appointment. Our certified rehab practitioner will reach out to you once we have the referral form.

If you have questions prior to the appointment don’t hesitate to reach out. Our email to reach our practitioner directly is [email protected] otherwise you can call the clinic at 507-424-2120 and ask for Anne. If she isn’t available your name and number will be taken and she will get back to you as soon as she can. 

What is Canine Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation, like in human medicine, works to help increase the function and mobility of joints and muscles in animals. You and your pet would work with our certified rehab practitioner to figure out the best exercises and modalities to increase strength, function and mobility for your pet. 

What does a therapy session entail?

Every case will be looked at individually, but typically pets come in once weekly for sessions with the practitioner, either for the underwater treadmill, land exercises, or cold laser treatments. Cases may involve some or all of these things.  

What is an Underwater treadmill?

We have a specially designed treadmill that is surrounded by plexiglass that allows us to fill it with water. By doing so we are able to help pets gain confidence using the injured leg by increasing buoyancy in the water. Walking on the treadmill also allows for resistance which will help increase muscle strength and stamina.  

What is Cold Laser?

It is an infrared light that stimulates the body’s healing mechanisms via a process called photobiomodulation, through the use of wavelengths, power and frequency  of laser lights. It helps to reduce pain, increase healing time, increase circulation and decreases swelling. 

Initial Consultation Fee: $70

  • We will need the referral form and any
  • pertinent records sent to us prior to this appointment

Conditions for treatment: 

  • Joint pain and osteoarthritis 
  • Tendonitis 
  • Chronic pain/lameness 
  • Neck and back pain 
  • Hip dysplasia 
  • Neurological disorders 
  • Etc. 


  • 6 week sessions  
    Weekly sessions in clinic with exercises to go home 
  • 12 week sessions
    Weekly sessions in clinic with exercises to go home 
  • Individual sessions 
    Scheduled as needed 

Still not sure if your pet would benefit from rehabilitation or don’t want to commit to a package just yet, that is ok. We can schedule individual appointments so that you can meet with our rehab practitioner and get a feel for how things will work going forward. If later you decide the package looks good, then we can have you pay the difference. 

Success Story

Maui, 4 year old Boxer/Pit Bull mix came in after an FHO surgery (femoral head osteotomy) for hip dysplasia. He was hardly putting weight on the leg the first several sessions. With continued pain management from the surgeon along with our rehabilitation program (in clinic and at home) he was able to increase mobility and start gaining muscle on his surgical leg.

He enjoys coming in to see our practitioner, maybe more for the treats than anything! He has been able to start returning to more normal activities at home (playing with his furry brother and friends, being able to enjoy walks with his mom, and eventually we hope he will be able to run around the yard like normal too